P-Pack 6G

P-Pack 6 gang under-desk power module with individually 3.1amp fused sockets & 3-pole male entry socket and 3-pole female exit socket.

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The workhorse of desk power the P-Pack 6G unit is a reliable and fully certified power module suitable for the most demanding office environments. The unit features 6no. 3.15A individually fused sockets. The unit has a moulded fixing platform at either end of the unit allowing it to be mechanically fixed to a desk or cable tray. The requisite length ‘starter’ cable connects to the 3 pole entry socket. An additional power module, typically a desk top unit, is connected to the female 3-pole exit socket. Interconnector cables are also available to link power modules.

  • 6no. UK 3 pin sockets individually fused
  • 3-pole in and out sockets
  • Integral earth lead
  • Fixing platform
  • Shielded 3-pole female out socket
  • CE and UKCA certified