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Chameleon Desk Top Power and Data Module

A bright design in more ways than one.

The new eLink™ Chameleon Above Desk Unit (ADU) is a breakthrough in power and networking aesthetics. It comes supplied as standard with 2 x UK BS1363 power outlets each protected with 5A CBE combined switch and circuit breakers, 2 x high output USB charging ports and two accessory ports in the legs which allow the insertion of a keystone RJ45 Cat6, HDMI or data USB. Power in-feed is 800mm black PVC cable to GST18/3 male plug. Switch to eLink™ Chameleon and feel the power.

10 Standard colours to select from and custom colour options also available.

The combined switch and circuit breaker provides practical safe power protection to desk power. If the socket trips simply press and reset, no fuses to replace, no time wasted.

Features include:

  • Input Voltage / Frequency: AC230-250V AC 60Hz
  • Input Connection: GST18/3 3 pole male plug on 800mm PVC cable
  • USB Charger Output: 5VDC 2.4Amp
  • Maximum Current 16Amp
  • Individual Breakers: 5A, 250V AC, IR not less than 2.0 Mega Ohms at 500V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -40oC to +85oC


BS5733, BS1363, BS6396, CE Marked