Orion Desk Top Module

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Orion Desk Module

The Orion Desk Top slimline module is available in a range of power and data configurations. The Orion unit fastens easily to almost any desk and a 500mm drop lead can connect to either a power cord or into a GST socketed under-desk power module. The Orion unit is also available with a smartcharging USB option. Power sockets are individually fused and can be supplied with or without a master switch. Data modules can also be supplied with specified lead lengths attached or as coupler sockets both in Cat5e and Cat6. HDMI and SVGA sockets are also available.

The Orion is ergonomically tilted to provide power and data in an easy to access small desk top unit. The module clean lines compliment the modern work station and allow the occupant arms length access to desk power without having to rummage in cable trays under the desk or service boxes in the floor.

Standard stock colours are Silver/Black, Silver/Grey and Silver/White. Custom colour options are also available.

Standard 2 power 2 data units are typically available from stock. Custom unit require a 4/6 week lead time.


Size: Vary by module type Color: Silver/Black, Silver/Grey & Silver/White