April 23

Enhance Your Data Center’s Efficiency with Our GTLC5 Floor Cable Grommet


Managing a data center efficiently is critical, and we understand that every component counts towards operational success. That’s why I’d like to introduce the Floor Cable Grommet 127mm GTLC5 from Gromtec, designed specifically for high-efficiency data centers.


Challenge Facing Data Centers: Inefficient cable management can lead to increased energy costs and decreased equipment performance due to poor airflow.

Solution: The GTLC5 Floor Cable Grommet: Our GTLC5 grommet provides an optimal solution by sealing around cables passing through raised floor tiles. This sealing capability prevents air leakage, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your underfloor cooling system, reducing cooling costs, and increasing your data center’s energy efficiency.

Benefits of GTLC5 Grommet:

  • Improved Airflow Management: Ensures precise air delivery, enhancing your cooling systems’ effectiveness.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: By optimizing airflow, the GTLC5 grommet helps to lower overall energy expenditure.
  • Easy Installation and Versatility: Designed for quick installation, the GTLC5 fits seamlessly into existing setups without the need for extensive modifications.

Imagine a scenario where your data center runs more smoothly, with costs optimized and every system performing at peak. The GTLC5 grommet is your step towards this reality.

For more information or to discuss how our solutions can specifically benefit your operations, please visit our product page or contact us directly – (01) 274 5468.


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