Grommet Cable Management | Cable Grommet

rommets are differently shaped items made of a variety of metals from steel to rubber and plastic meant to secure wires, cords, strings and the like helping them pass through a hole while protecting them. In the process they have both functional as well as decorative purposes making operations easy. The telecommunication and electrical industries are among the sectors where you are likely to find a host of grommet making for easy passage of connecting cables.

Reduce Risks of Exposure:

A careful Grommet Cable Management is the key to a smooth and hassle-free daily running of several systems. Electrical wires and telecommunication lines often have to manoeuvre sharp bends and edges running the risk of damaging them and exposing the charged wire materials. Placing the right grommet of the correct shape and helping the lines pass through them encases them in safety. At the same time there are no unsightly wire mesh exposed to the eye making the entire layout clean.

Plan The Layout:

Choosign the right Cable Grommet depends on how well you have studied the layout and the connections of the different systems. For example, the grommets for an office setup with a network of desktops connected with the VoIP is likely to have at least 3 cables that would be coming out onto the desk. Placing a grommet with a single outlet or three co-axial outlets is a choice that you will have to make depending on the individual placement of the equipement.

Choose The Grommet Right:

Again there are differing sizes of the grommet that will determine the choice as the larger ones with a single opening are more convinient for bigger setups. There are almost every variety that you can think of available in the market concerning their shapes. Starting from the more common round plastic desk grommets with the single or dual outlets to those that are flexible, the choices are several. Soft top flexible grommets enabling easy routing of cables are fast becoming popular in most offices. There are the metal variants that are less in demand with the round, oval or even elongated plastic grommets ruling the roost.

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