Vertical Powerdock

The Vertical Powerdock is an in-desk mounted power unit that can be concealed when it’s not in use. To access  the outlets, simply raise the unit from the workplace and connect your appliance.

The Vertical Powerdock is neatly stowed below desk surface when not in use. When power outlets are required, the unit is lifted from the desk surface using the metal handles. The unit will lock in its uppermost position allowing easy connection of power, data and voice cables. It is very simple to install as it fits easily within an 80mm diameter hole (allowing easy retrofits to any desks with a standard 80mm grommet hole).

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Can be supplied with combinations of power, data and voice in same unit.
Retractable, concealed desk power outlet system.
Available in a variety of configurations.
Minimal space required for installations.
Splash proof when closed.


Operating voltage:       110V- 250V AC 50/60Hz

Current:                         15A – 20A

Max power:                   1500W – 4800W

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system.

For higher current ratings, please consult your distributor directly.


Length: Variable (Depending on configuration)

Mounting Hole: 80mm