SCT Cable Transit System

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The SCT Transit duct is designed as a scalable system. Each duct is 254mm long and is either 65mm x 65mm (ref SCT65) or 102mm x 102mm (ref SCT102) in dimension. In applications that require a large number of cables to pass through a fire rated opening the SCT ducts can be ganged into pods of 2, 3, or 6 ducts. Each duct features a hinged lid to facilitate easy cable installation. The duct, once installed, in the wall opening is locked‚ in position using a mounting flange on either side of the Cable Transit.

Approved worldwide and recognised by independent authorities
Tested in accordance with EN1366-3, BS476-20, ASTM814 (UL1479), AS1530-4
Fire tested for a wide range of cables and other services
Ducts can be banked together
Easy to install
Unaffected by moisture
Suitable for new installs and retrofitting
Manufactured to ISO9001:2000
Highly visible Red powder coat finish

SCT65 ‚ 65mm x 65mm x 254mm
SCT102 ‚ 102mm x 102mm x 254mm
SCT single, Duplex, Triplex & Sixplex mounting flanges supplied to order.

Size: 65mm x65mm & 102mm x 102mm Color: Red

Weight: N/A