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Grommet Hole Saw

Gromtec provides 2 types of hole saw – Bi-Metal and Carbide tipped. The selection of the correct  hole saw is dependent on the quantity of holes to be cut and the cutting equipment available to form the cut out. We would recommend that if a hand held drill is employed to form the cut out, it should feature a protective active clutch  that prevents the drill from twisting in the operators hands should the hole saw snag in the cut. Eye, ear, foot protection should also be employed in line with statutory health and safety requirements. Preferably the drill should be mounted on either a drill bench or drill stand.

The Bi-Metal hole saw requires a drill with variable speed adjustment. The recommended cutting speed for steel is 50rpm – All Bi-Metal saws are supplied with a recommended cutting speed chart.

The Carbide hole saw while more expensive than the Bi-Metal is not as restricted on cutting speed and will cut approximately x3 as many holes as the Bi-Metal before requiring replacement.

Hole saws require an arbour which mounts into the drill head. The bayonet of the arbour is available either as a standard HEX (A2) or SDS (A3) head to suit the drill. We would also recommend that spare drill bits are procured with the arbour as this bits can break during drilling.

Hole Diameter Bi-Metal Carbide Tipped
76mm DH076 CT076
102mm DH102 CT102
127mm DH127 CT127
152mm DH152 CT152
169mm DH169 N/A
210mm DH210 N/A