GTV33 Edge Grommet

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Product Description

GTV33 Cable Grommet

The GTV33 grommet is designed to fit into a 75mm x 75mm V shaped edge of floor panel cut out. Such a cut out allows for the removal of the floor panel without having to disconnect cables.

Features include:

  • 2 part grommet – Main Housing & Lid
  • Designed for small edge of tile installation
  • Just 2no. 75mm cuts required to fit grommet
  • Use grommet as template
  • Cable gates corral cables, holding them away from the edge of the tile
  • Breakaway lid sections
  • Lid screw fixed to main housing
  • Made from flame retardant ABS materials


  • Cut out – 75mm x 75mm

Size: 90mm x 90mm Triangle Color: Black
Weight: N/A