GTH75/600 – Perimeter Brush Seal

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GTH075/600 Perimeter Brush Seal

Seal conduit and pipe openings at the perimeter of the raised floor. This self adhesive brush strip can be positioned on the floor surface to seal openings up to 75mm wide. The 600mm brush length matches the width of the standard 600mm wide floor panel. Therefore tile and brush can be lifted as one without having to release the brush from the floor panel surface.

  • 600mm long profile matches width of floor panel for a one to one fit
  • Seals openings up to 75mm wide
  • Self adhsive and mechanical fix options
  • Brushed aluminium or black paint finish options
  • Economical and esy to install


  • Profile Length ‚ 600mm
  • Bristle Length ‚ 75mm
  • Profile Depth ‚ 30mm

Air-Guard‚® ‚ the cool choice


Size: Profile Length – 600mm Color: Aluminium Profile / Black Bristle

Weight: 800g