GTAL200 Air-Block Brush Kit

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GTAL200 Air-Block Brush Kit

Legacy data centres come with a wide range of air management issues. Sealing cable openings is a proven best first step in improving airflow management and reducing cooling costs. The GTAL200 forms part of a range of economical computer floor cut out sealing solutions for legacy Data Centres.

The Air-Block Brush kit is designed to easily adapt to fit non standard floor cut outs. Consisting of 4no. large 200mm x 200mm long corner sections and 2 no. brush profiles, the kit is designed to be adapted on site to fit the cut out. The 4no. edge profiles can be cut to form a frame within the floor opening and provide a protective sleeve keeping cables safe from sharp metal cut edges. The 2 brush profiles can then be cut to match the internal length of the protected sleeve and either stuck or mechanically fixed into position.

Kit includes – 4 corner sections – 2 no. L shaped aluminium profiles 400mm long with 125mm bristle insert


  • Maximum cut out seal – 400mm x 240mm
  • Custom solutions available for larger openings


Size: 400mm x 240mm Color: Black

Weight: .5kg