GTAG7-SP Split 2 Part Air-Guard

GTAG7-SP 2 part brush and gasket sealed cable grommet provides industry leading sealing performance and safety. The innovative removable brush cartridge allows visual access to the floor void while providing a protective frame to pass cables through.

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Product Description


The new GTAG7-SP bush sealed cable grommet is a split 2 part unit and features an innovative removable brush and gasket cartridge. Based on the popular GTAG2 Air-Guard Brush and gasket sealed cable grommet the GTAG7 and GTAG7-SP allow for the removal of the brush during cabling while leaving the protective frame in place. This allows for visual and manual access into the floor void while providing a safe protective frame against the sharp cut metal edges of the metal floor panel. The grommet is also fitted with a peel and stick adhesive strip for a fast first fix. Once cabling is complete the cartridge clicks back into place providing an effective air seal around the cables.

A split grommet is favoured by some installers when forming openings between floor panels or where floor panels may require to be moved without disconnecting cables.

Unlike some competitor products, the Air-Guard GTAG7-SP is made from V0 flame retardant material. An independent fire test clearly demonstrates the dangers of installing non flame retardant products which could act a sustained fire source. The GTAG7-SP unit provides industry leading sealing performance, protection to cables as they pass through the floor opening, visual access into the floor void when required, a brush and gasket seal, superior fire protection and the unit is supplied with a safety lid as standard- not as an extra.



Overall – 278mm x 213mm x 45mm

Cut out – 225mm x 162mm