GTAG5 – Air-Guard

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GTAG5 Retro fit Air-Guard Kit

Designed for non standard cut-outs in both existing and new raised floors. The GTAG5 features the “better seal” overlapping brush system to form a flush custom fit grommet solution. Materials can be cut on site to seal an opening up to a maximum size of 610mm x 250mm.

  • Brush sections and side rails made from flame retardant materials
  • Brushes designed to overlap to form a better seal
  • Brush profile fitted with adhesive tape to assist easy installation
  • Side rails can be cut to form a fully protective edge
  • 2 stock kit sizes ‚ GTAG5-300 (305mm x 250mm) GTAG5-600 (610mm x 250mm)
  • Custom sizes available


  • GTAG5/300 Kit ‚ 305mm x 250mm
  • GTAG5/600 Kit ‚ 610mm x 250mm

Air-Guard‚® ‚ the cool choice


Size: Up to 610mm x 250mm Color: Black

Weight: 700g & 1kg