GTAG3RD Reducer Plate

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GTAG5RD Reducer Plate

Does your data hall have large unsealed cut outs in floor panels and only a relatively small number of cables passing through the opening?

The resulting open space greatly reduces the cooling efficiency of your data centre. The GTAG3RD reducer plate is designed to work with the GTAG3 Air-Guard‚® Brushed Grommet. Quickly retro seal large floor openings, even when already cabled, and also protect cables from sharp panel edges as the pass through the floor panel. Just peel and stick the reducer plate to the raised floor surface. The GTAG3 Air-Guard is then fitted to the surface of the reducer to form a brushed air seal around the cables.

The installation of reducer plate and Air-Guard brush seal takes only a few minutes and will immediately improve cooling performance and start saving you money.

  • Fits over openings 200mm x 210mm up to 300mm x 300mm
  • Made from flame retardant material
  • Peel off adhesive fixing for fast installation
  • Designed to fit the GTAG3 Air-Guard‚®
  • Takes just minutes to install


  • Overall size ‚ 350mm x 350mm
  • Maximum opening ‚ 300mm x 300mm
  • Air-Guard‚® ‚ the cool choice

Size: 350mm x 350mm Color: Black

Weight: N/A