GTAF400 Air-BloXX Kit

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Sealing large openings in a computer room raised floor has always been a bit of a problem. The Air-BloXX Kit is designed to seal an opening up to 400mm x 400mm.( Larger Kits are available) The special Class O Fire rated foam is “kiss cut” into 25mm square sections which allows the material to be easily shaping around cable penetrations.

To seal a large square or rectangular floor opening is very simple.

  • Raised floor openings are sealed using a UL94 / Class O fire rated foam seal,
  • Cables are protected from bare edge floor panel cut outs,
  • Air-Foam is supported within the frame and held in place with a friction blade and tape,
  • Air-Foam is supported within the frame and held in place with a friction blade and tape,
  • By-pass air is eliminated which in turn improves under floor air pressure and provides all the associated financial and performance benefits of a properly sealed raised floor system.
  • Measure cut out and cut protective edge trim to the required edge lengths to form a fully protective profile sealing the cut edge of the floor panel cut out.
  • Measure & cut Air-Bloxx foam to the required floor opening.
  • Shape the material around existing cables, remove square sections as required.
  • Install foam seal into the protecive edge trim

Air- BloXX is available in a custom sizes and depths and is suitable for a wide range of air sealing situations – floor openings, perimeter openings, sealing within racks and many more applications. Request your free sample now.


  • Overall ‚ max 410mm x 410mm


Size: N/A Color: Black

Weight: N/A