GTA85N 209mm dia. air seal grommet

GTA85N 209mm ( cut out Diameter) circular brush sealing cable grommet provides maximum sealing potential and cable capacity


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Product Description

GTA85N Circular Air-Block

The GTA85N is a large circular air sealing cable grommet. The circular grommet shape matches the shape of bundled cables and the central concentration of bristles creates a swirled air seal around both bundled and individual cables. The GTA85N fits a 209mm diameter cut out and once installed is held firm in postion by 2no. ,easy to activate, locking arms. The bristle seal is positioned deep within the grommet which allows for the possible installation of an adjustable grommet safety lid. The large 152mm diameter brush opening provides generous cable capacity. The 50mm overall grommet depth is deeper than the depth of most floor panels. This means that grommet passes fully through the floor panel, protecting both the installation engineer and cables from the possible damage caused by the sharp metal edges of the cut floor panel.

The better the cable seal the better the the cooling performance of a Data Centre. The better the cooling performance the lower the cooling, running and maintenance costs. Its simple but often forgotton. Our Air-Guard® ,Air-Block® grommets and Air-Shield blanking panels are designed to provide the best, safest and most cost effective air management solutions, offering installers easy to install products and end users the peace of mind that they are installing products made and backed by a company with over twenty years experience in providing cable grommet solutions. We like to use flame retardant materials in the construction of our grommets and  when compared and tested against other manufacturers we out perform them both on the grounds of safety and sealing results.


  • Large 152mm diameter cable opening
  • No screw fixing to floor panel – unit features 2no. integral clamping arms
  • Concentrated quality layered bristle design for maximum air sealing performance
  • Safety/Access heavy duty lid option
  • Unit made from flame retardant ABS material and nylon bristle
  • 50mm grommet depth for full protection from sharp cut metal edges.


  • 209mm cut out diameter
  • 220mm overall diameter
  • 152mm diameter brush sealed opening
  • 50mm deep