GT060BR Air-Block

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GT060BR Air-Block® brush sealing cable grommet

The GT060BR combines strength, clever design and safety. The 2 part Air-Block® “snaps” around cables and fits into a 150mm diameter cut out. The overlapping brushed central cable opening allows cables a degree of movement yet air seals the generous opening, preventing both ingress of dirt and air leakage from the underfloor void. With no outer housing, once the grommet is “opened” cables are freed from the unit.

  • Made from flame retardant materials
  • 2 part grommet snaps around cables to form a protective air sealed casing
  • 2no. built-in quick action clamping arms hold the grommet in place. No additional drilling and screwing required
  • Lid can not be opened by “accident”
  • Load tested up to 450kg on 25mm x 25mm point load without failure
  • Unit suitable for both general office and Data Centre installations
  • Supplied with tethered strong safety lid
  • Air-Block® grommets can be installed almost anywhere with the floor panel even between 2 adjoining panels or at the panel’s edge using a “keyhole” cut out
  • Large flange seals cut floor and carpet edges


  • Overall diameter ‚ 175mm
  • Cut out diameter – 150mm
  • Cable Opening – 105mm x 40mm


Size: Cut out diameter – 150mm Color: Black / Grey

Weight: 200g