GT020 – 90mm Air-Block

90mm diameter cut out Air-Block cable grommet

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GT020 Air-Block Grommet


  • Overall Diameter – 112mm
  • Cut Out Diameter – 90mm
  • Cable Area Diameter – 30mm
  • Depth – 38mm

The GT020 cable grommet combines strength, clever design and safety. The 2 part Air-Block® “snaps” around cables up to 30mm diameter, forming an air-tight cable sealing grommet. With no outer housing once the grommet is “opened” cables are freed from the unit. This unit can be positioned almost anywhere within the floor panel including at the panel edge using a “key hole” cut out.

  • Made from flame retardant materials
  • 2 part grommet snaps around cables to form a protective air sealed casing
  • 2no. built-in quick action clamping arms hold the grommet in place. No more drilling and screwing
  • Although quick to open the grommets lid cannot be opened by “accident”
  • Unit independently load tested up to 450kg on 25mm x 25mm point load without failure
  • Unit suitable for both General Office and Data Centre installations
  • Generous flange hides cut floor surface and carpet edges

Cable grommets are a simple and effective conduit through raised floor openings. While cable grommets should be installed out of normal foot traffic areas they should be capable of accepting minimal footfall. All Gromtec cable grommets are designed with safety and robust performance in mind. We use flame retardant ABS plastic in the manufacture of our cable grommets. ABS is selected for its strength and long-term performance characteristics and is used in many electronic products for these very reasons. Forming cutouts in raised floors can be undertaken in a number of ways. On large projects, the access floor manufacturer will often factory cut the openings. On-site, holes are either formed by jigsaw or by using a hole saw.  If you would like more information on this or any of our cable grommet products please contact us either by email or by phone.


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