GT002RB – 76mm

Airtight 75mm diameter cable grommet with built in double skinned gasket seal

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Product Description


The GT002RB is designed with a built in double skinned rubber gasket to provide an air tight seal around cables which pass through the protective grommet.

The GT002RB cable grommet is designed to provide a simple, effective and economical solution to sealing small cable openings in data centre raised floors and cabinets. Made from flame retardant materials the GT001RB will form a tight seal around cables and cable conduit. This is especially important in installations where the void under the raised floor is designed for the delivery of cooling conditioned air. The gasket also prevents debris from entering the floor void and the grommet sleeve protects cables from the possible sharp edges of the cut metal panel surface. Other areas of use include ceilings, furniture and wall systems.

Cable grommets are a simple and effective conduit through raised floor openings. While cable grommets should be installed out of normal foot traffic areas they should be capable of accepting minimal foot fall. All Gromtec cable grommets are designed with safety and robust performance in mind. We use flame retardant ABS plastic in the manufacture of our cable grommets. ABS is selected for its strength and long term performance characteristics and is used in many electronic products for these very reasons. Forming cut outs in raised floors can be undertaken in a number of ways. On large projects the access floor manufacturer will often factory cut the openings. On site, holes are either formed by jig saw or by using a hole saw. Gromtec work closely with one of the industry’s leading hole saw manufacturers to provide high quality bi-metal and carbide tipped hole saws, Carbide tipped saws, while more expensive, offer greater performance life and are less restrictive in terms of operating speeds. If you would like more information on this or any of our cable grommet products please contact us either by email or by phone.

  • Made from V0 fire rated materials
  • Push fit design
  • Protects cables from sharp panel edges
  • Airtight gasket seal
  • Gasket prevents debris from entering the floor void


Cut Out – 76mm diameter

Overall diameter – 95mm

Grommet depth – 38mm