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Floor Grommet – 140mm X 150mm – GTUU5

The GTUU5 cable grommet is designed as a edge profile grommet. Positioned in the edge of the floor panel the GTUU5 grommet provides floor panel cut edge protection for cables. The grommets lid offers a generous and adjustable cable opening. The grommet lid is fully removable and as cables are not trapped within the body of the floor panel, the panel can be removed without the need to disconnecting cables.

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GTUU5 edge positioned cable grommets allow for the removal of a floor panel without the need to disconnect cables. In floor installations where access to the floor void may be restricted for a variety of installation resons the GTUU5 grommet has proven to be an excellant cabling solution.

  • Perimeter Cable Grommet
  • Install on edge of a floor panel
  • Adjustable Cable Opening
  • Strong removable lid
  • Made from flame retardant FR ABS
  • Screw Fix to Floor Panel
  • Designed to fit both CONCORE and WOODCORE floor panels


  • Overall 140mm x 150mm
  • Cut Out approx. 127mm
  • Adjustable Cable Opening ‚ 35mm x 75mm

Size: N/A Color: Black / Grey

Weight: 120g