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CM100 Stainless Steel Mini Screed Floor Box

Stainless steel mini single gang floor box

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CM100 Stainless Steel Mini Screed Floor Box with trim

The CM100 floor box is made to the finest manufactring standards and is designed with both the installer and end user in mind. The screed back box is designed to accept a standard single gang fascia plate. The back box has a built-in adjustment feature that allows for the perfect installation height eliminating the need for levelling compounds etc. This saves alot of installation time and disappointment with the final installation appearance. The base box assembly is designed with 25mm conduit knox outs.

The stainless steel lid is reversible, facilitating 2 cable exit positions. The lid is available with either a full brushed stainless steel lid or with a 6mm recess to accept a floor finish. The box can also be supplied with a brushed stainless steel trim or as a “trimless” floor box. The plastic cable flap doubles a the lids handle to open the box and should the flap become damaged it is easy to repair or replace without teh need to replace the whole lid.

Stainless steel lid and trim – CM1001

Stainless steel lid and “trimless” flange – CM1002

6mm recessed lid and stainless steel trim – CM1003

6mm recessed lid and “trimless” flange – CM1004



125mm x 125mm x 72/96mm (adjustment)