Air-Bloxx Mini – AB007

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Product Description

Designed for installation either along the edge or within the centre of a floor panel. The Air-Bloxx mini can be fitted at the perimeter of a room around pipe or duct work. Edge installation is also sometimes required where it is not practical to have cables trapped within a central panel opening.  Two Minis can be installed face to face to form a rectangular protective edge seal. The AB007 is supplied with a flame retardant foam seal.


  • Overall size – 148mm (length) x 122mm (breadth)  x 50mm (depth)
  • Cut Out ‚ 110mm (length) x 102mm (breadth) ‚ Concore type panel, 92mm (breadth) ‚ Woodcore block panel


Size: 110mm x 102mm Color: Black

Weight: N/A