Air-Bloxx AB600FM Kit

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Product Description

Air-Bloxx FM (AB600FM) foam sheet is made from fire rated polyethylene. The large 630mm x 600mm sheet is “kiss-cut” into 25mm x 25mm square sections which allow the material to be easy formed to seal large cable openings in the raised floor or within server racks. The AB600FM sheet is a semi rigid closed cell membrane which provides an air tight seal. In plenum cooled data centres sealing large cable openings will dramatically improve cooling results and help reduce cooling costs by as much as 40%.

Air-Bloxx is ideal for legacy data centres and can be fitted either on the floor surface or within the opening. The large sheet can also be easily formed into smaller sizes to close a number of openings, making this a very economical solution to sealing odd shaped floor openings.

  • Large 630mm x 600mm x 25mm sheet
  • Kiss cut into 25mm x 25mm easy to adapt segments
  • Passes Flammability Fire Test ‚ FMVSS302
  • Closed cell construction for a better air seal
  • Working Temperature Range ( internal ) -60\90 C


Size: 630mm x 600m x 25mm Color: Grey

Weight: N/A