Air-BloXX AB600FM

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Sealing large floor openings which are already cabled can prove to be a bit of a headache. Large volumes of costly conditioned area escape through such openings, dramatically reducing cooling performance and adding to cooling costs.

Air-Bloxx Foam Seal Kit is designed to retro-fit large raised floor openings and form a good air seal around cable bundles. The AB600 kit is easy and quick to fit. Just cut the side rails to match the floor opening then cut the foam to the required size. The foam cushion is fire rated and kiss cut‚ in a 25mm square grid. This makes the forming of sheet sizes and cable openings very easy. The foam material is available in a soft (AB600S) or firm (AB600F) material. The side rails feature an internal lip which is designed to allow the foam seal sits within the depth of the raised floor panel.

AB600F – Firm foam seal provides a rigid 600mm x 600mm x 25mm sheet. There is less compression in the foam material but the closed cell structure forms an air tight membrane. The material is easy to cut, adjust and seal the most awkward opening. To accomodate large cable bundles blocks of foam can be removed. Colour ‚ Side rail frame ‚ Black / Foam sheet ‚ Mid Grey

AB600S -‚ Semi-rigid foam sheet 610mm x 610 mm x 50mm. The softer foam provides good compression properties to accomodate cable without the need to remove material. Large cable bundles may require the removal of material to allow for the neat installation of the foam sheet. Colour ‚ Side rail frame ‚ Black / Foam sheet ‚ Charcoal

The limitations of the Air-Bloxx kit are only limited bt the ingenuity of the installer!

  • Seal large cable openings
  • Impove cooling performance
  • Reduce cooling costs
  • Side rail internal lip to support foam seal
  • Foam seals fully fire rated


  • Maximum opening seal ‚ 600mm x 600mm
  • Foam depth ‚ Soft Foam 50mm, Firm Foam 25mm

Size: 600mm x 600mm Color: Black or Grey

Weight: N/A