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Gromtec Europe Ltd offers a wide range of cable grommet solutions for both general office and data center installations. With our Gromtec and Air-Guard products, we have successfully completed thousands of projects worldwide.

At Gromtec Europe Ltd, we take pride in our "No Hard Sell" approach. We are dedicated to delivering great products and exceeding our customer's expectations.

Providing Quality Cable Grommet Solutions Worldwide

 Brush Sealing grommet 75mm diameter GT002BR


Wide range of cable grommet solutions for office and data center installations.


Thousands of companies worldwide trust our Gromtec and Air-Guard range of products.

Discover Our Wide Range of Brush Grommets and Accessories


 Enhance Your Space with Stylish Floor Grommets

Our brush grommets provide effective cable management solutions for office and data center installations.


Improve Air Circulation with Air Vent Grilles

Our air vent grilles ensure efficient airflow and prevent dust accumulation.


Secure Connections with Watertight Socket Outlet

Our watertight socket outlet provides a reliable and safe power solution for wet environments.

Selecting and Purchasing the Right Grommet Solutions


Discover the simple steps to find and purchase the perfect grommet solutions.


Explore our extensive collection of grommet solutions to meet your specific needs.


Get professional guidance to ensure you make the right grommet solution choices.


Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout the grommet selection process.

Experience the Best Cable Management Solutions

Gromtec offers a wide range of products that provide improved cable management, energy efficiency, and safety. Our cable grommets, floor boxes, and other accessories are designed to meet the needs of both general office and data center installations. With our innovative solutions, you can ensure a tidy and organized workspace while reducing the risk of cable damage and improving overall efficiency. Trust Gromtec for all your cable management needs.

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