GTAG11 Round Air-Guard

127mm diameter Air-Guard brush seal cable grommet

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GTAG11 Air-Guard

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Sealing cable openings is the most simple and cost efficient solution to improving under floor cooling in a Data Centre.

The GTAG11 is designed to fit the most common raised access floor cut out , ie.127mm diameter. The 2 part grommet fits around cables and is held in position with 4 self tapping screws. Opposing bristles within the grommet overlap and a secondary lower gasket combine to form a tight air seal.

The GTAG11 like all Air-Guard products, is made from V0 flame retardant materials. Although V0 materials are more costly to manufacture than non flame retardant material, we believe that safety and quality are standards not open to compromise. The GTAG11 is competitively priced, well engineered and a safe grommet solution designed to meet the exacting standards of the Data Centre specifier.

The cable opening is wide enough to allow both a 16amp and/or 32amp commando socket to pass through the bristled opening. The bristles then align to form a tight air seal around the flexible conduit. Eliminating by-pass air improves the operational efficiency of the data centre, helping to reduce running costs and improves cooling performance.


  • Overall Diameter – 165mm
  • Cut Out Diameter – 127mm
  • Max Cable Area – 100mm diameter

Air-Guard‚® ‚ the cool choice

Size: 127mm diameter cut out Color: Black

Weight: 180g