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” Mind the Gap”. Whether as a result of legacy installation issues or due to a cabinets removal, gaps are created within an aisle. Such openings seriously compromise the cooling efficiency of the hot or cold aisle.<br/> Sealing these gaps can prove costly and time consuming. The Air-Wall system  can be installed in less than 5 minutes. Air-Wall is a fast and cost effective solution to sealing gaps between data cabinets. Simply peel and stick the aluminium rails to the adjacent cabinet walls. Measure the gap between cabinets, then cut the Fire-Rated Correx material ( width mm minus 4mm ). Use the vertical fluted profiles to cut a straight line. Slide panel into position. Repeat as required. Trim last panel to suit cabinet height.

Air-Wall System ‚ 4no. rails 1200mm , 4no. Sealing panels 1200mm x 600mm.

Size: N/A Color: White

Weight: 4kg